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empty nesters birthday, birthday cake

Since it was my favorite Empty Nesters birthday, I wanted to do something special. I like to make a big deal about my family’s birthday. I decorate the house, make their special meals and I am on my very best behavior the whole day. Needless to say I am exhausted by the time I go to bed on someone's birthday but they tell me it was worth it. So I carry on.

Anyway, for Brad’s birthday I wanted to give him something that had no strings attached (they tell me that my presents often come with an ulterior motive). So in effort to please Brad, I got him gift certificates to several stores (Macys, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond etc..) that he could use to buy ANTYTHING he wanted. Part of the present was that I would not comment or say a word about what he wanted to buy unless he asked me.

Now that was HUGE, I had to go with him to these stores and not say a word and smile with whatever he purchased. When I thought of this present, I did not think of the buying process and the implications to me. Of course, as I am told on a regular basis it’s not about me.

When he went to Macys he picked out the most outrageous items and all I could do was take pictures when he was not looking and send to the kids, hoping to get some sympathy. When he showed me the craziest shoes, I almost lost it but then I remembered my birthday promise and smiled.

Guess what? He started laughing and could not stop. He told me he was having so much fun watching me try to control myself, that, that could have been his birthday present!! Is he crazy? And He said he would never have bought those sneakers anyway. I wanted to scream. Luckily for everyone, he bought a nice shirt and the Target and Bed Bath & Beyond expeditions went much better. In fact he had left over money at Target that he let me use. What a coo!

At the end of the day, he was extremely appreciative of all his stuff but said the best part of his birthday gift shopping day was spending time with me. I was touched til I thought about it and realized that he takes pleasure in seeing me go loony!

Happy empty nesting.

PS By the time we came home hours after we started, we both needed a nap.

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