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Brad is so easy going it drives me nuts. Whoever said opposites attract must have known that Brad and I would find each other (it was a blind date and I called him first – for those who are curious).

When the boys were young, Brad used to travel a lot so a good portion of decisions regarding the kids I made and when I discussed them with him. He always agreed and said I was right. It was wonderful.

But now that is just us, I have to admit that I have tried to egg him on and occasionally he breaks, but in over 20 years of marriage that has happened maybe 5 times. That thought is enough to drive me crazy.

I know I am lucky that I have some one that is agreeable and easy to please and I have come to realize recently, that agreeing with me does not mean he does not have a different opinion. It just means its not that important enough to him to disagree with me.

He has learned much better than I, not to sweat the small stuff. I am trying to be better (Namaste) and am realizing that most of the small stuff is not worth it.

This easy-going characteristic of Brad’s personality has been passed down to the boys and I could not be any happier. And as he tells me repeatedly, he just wants to be happy.

So Happy Happy Birthday my Love, the one I want to empty nest with for the rest of my life!!

Happy Empty Nesting.

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