I promised myself I would be better this time. But no such luck I cried me a river (good name for a song), when Drew left.

I am a pretty rational person (some may say no) but it does not matter my baby has left the nest again. I know he is going to Summer school and I have known for months now but it does not make it any better. He will be back in 6 weeks but my heart is heavy. I will miss him terribly.

Lane says I baby him too much but so what?? He conveniently forgets how I still baby him too. It drives Brad crazy but the boys tell me I baby him the most!

One day when Brad was working from home in the (we locked him in his office), the boys and I were doing our normal stuff which included me making them a special plate of snacks. It gives me such pleasure and who cares if they were 14 and 18 at the time.

Anyway Brad got wind of what was going on and came out of his office demanding to know what was taking place. When I told him, he thought I was nuts (what else is new?) but guess what, he was really jealous and wanted his own special plate. Ha!

Anyway, I am home by myself at this moment, no boys so I will go eat lunch and look at old pictures and reminisce.

Happy Empty Nesting!


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