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My little one is going back to school for the Summer. So I guess I have ½ an empty nest. But really its more than that. Because when one leaves the dynamics of the home change.

I have loved having my kids home together cause it brings back so many memories til they start fighting. Drew has a problem that he can’t walk by Lane without touching him. And as you guessed it, Lane does not like to be touched by Drew every 5 minutes. Lane can only take so much before he goes nuts on Drew and then chaos erupts with a wrestling match. I feel like they are 12 and 8 all over again. I try to ignore them and tell them that unless there is blood I don’t want to know about it (not sure Dr. Spock would approve but ….).

To top it off they both told me they never fight at school. Is it me? Is it Brad? Is it our house?

I would like to blame the house or any other outside source but I can’t . I think like most families when kids come home they revert back to how they were when they were younger.

Of course when I get angry at them for fighting,(they say I yell I say I am just talking very loudly), I just make it worse. Brad

handles it much better. He gets in the wrestling match with them and they all start laughing.

It has been sweet having a Full Nest again and there has been no bloodshed in the house so I am a Happy Mother Bird.

Happy Empty Nesting!

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