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It has been awhile since I have blogged but I do have a good excuse. The nest is not empty anymore and the Miami Heat are in the championships. When the boys were at school I had become Brad’s sports TV companion and much to my dismay I have gotten caught up in this Heat frenzy and even though the boys are home I am still watching the games. But at least now with a full nest.

Everyone in my home is so superstitious that they wear the same clothes every game. But they sweat when they watch the games. (I don’t get that because they don’t play, they just watch– go figure??) And as a result I am doing a load of Heat paraphernalia every night.


It’s so crazy in my house on the nights that they play. We have to finish dinner by a certain time and we have to sit in the same positions. And if someone goes to the bathroom (usually me – they would never leave unless a commercial is on) they have to come back and sit in the same exact place to the centimeter or the whole karma of the game is off. I told them to draw outlines on the couch to show how and where to sit. Like in a crime scene which is how it feels if I sit in the wrong place,

I should have known this would happen with our kids. One time when Lane was a baby, Brad and I went to visit his family (fanatic Dallas Cowboys fans) and his whole extended family (20+ people) came over to his parents house to watch a Cowboy game. The Cowboys were winning and I got up to change Lane’s diaper and came back but sat somewhere else. Everyone started screaming and yelling at me I had to sit in the same place again. I started to cry (remember I just had Lane so I was still emotional) because I had never heard of such craziness and went outside with Lane.

I expected Brad to run after me but it was explained to me later that the karma would have been gone if I didn’t sit in the right place and Dallas could have lost if I didn’t go back to my seat. If Dallas had loss who knows if we would ever have been allowed back in the house. Fortunately the Cowboys won and we never had to face that decision.

Anyway, our nest is full again and the Heat madness continues. Love having the boys home and I really want the Heat to win.

Happy Empty Nesting!

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