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I was so happy that everyone was in the Nest for Mother’s Day this year. Brad had already given me some of my presents because I am one of those people that cannot wait for presents. The minute Brad and the boys put my presents out I beg to open them even if I am not supposed to get them for a week. I promise that they won’t have to buy me anything else when the special day comes along. But we all know that is not true. And I always tell them I don’t want anything except for everyone to be happy healthy and together. That is true.


So as you can imagine I was expecting this Mother’s Day to be the best ever. The boys had been gone for the past 9 months. They really had a chance to miss me and realize how much I had done for them (that was for them). Really though we all have realized how much we have missed each other and our idiosyncrasies.

The morning started out slow to my dismay. I did go to yoga but when I came home no decorations, boys were still sleeping and Brad was in the pool. But within the hour everything had changed. Brad went out to get breakfast, the boys woke up and everyone let me open my 2nd set of presents right away.

It was a great day that was getting better. The boys decided to have Mother’s Day Olympics. Bowling, Ping Pong, WII games and more. Needless to say even though I really did not win any of the games. I was given the Gold Medal that night.

The nest did good last Sunday. And I can’t wait for Father’s Day! I am already planning. I wonder if the boys will do Zumba?

Happy Empty Nesting!

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