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All couples have “discussions” during their marriage. As empty nesters though when we "discuss" things we have nowhere to turn but each other.

When our kids were younger and we would end up talking rather loudly, inevitably one of the kids would think we were getting divorced. I would usually squash that rumor with the statement “ If Daddy would just do what I say all will be good”. So at that point the boys would beg Brad to do whatever I said, he would laugh and I would win. Life was great.

empty nesters finally, gardening

As Lane and Drew got older and they would question our conversations we would say but you and your brother have "discussions" right? They would agree and then go back to ESPN. In fact I think they were disturbed we were interrupting their ESPN or XBOX time. And when the boys were home, Brad could always hang with one of them and join whatever they were doing.

Unfortunately, the other night we had a “discussion” and there was no one either of us could hang out with. It was just us. And even though neither of us was truly angry (we never are) we had to confront the issue of just us.

I got ready to go to bed, turned off the lights and put my eye mask on. Brad went in the other room to do some work. He came back when he saw the lights were out and questioned my ability to go right to bed after we had this talk. I said it was a long day and I knew I would end up bringing up several points mentioned that night tomorrow anyway and I needed my rest. He shrugged then gave me a kiss, told me he loved me and went back to check emails.


Happy Empty Nesting!

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