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So far every blog post has been from the parent’s side of empty nesting, but this post is about the other side of empty nesting. That’s right; Lane and Drew are taking control of for the day.

The difference between living on your own in college and coming back home and living with your parents is huge. Coming home and having a fridge and freezer full of food is always great. Although at our house the fridge and freezer are full of healthy alternatives, as the Hacker parents have decided to start “juicing.” When our mom told us that she was juicing, us being extremely sports minded, thought that she had decided to take steroids. If you know her, you know that our mom is not exactly the typical steroid user, although we are sure that it would help with the stretching in yoga.

Another difference is that things are more regimented and scheduled at home. In college the extent of our planning is about three hours into the future, while at home if things aren’t planned out at least three days in advance, chaos can occur. Ever since our home became an “empty nest,” we have noticed that our mom seems to want to do more and more activities with us when we get home. For example we played mini-golf for the first time since we both were in elementary school.

Lastly we both have realized that because our mom and dad aren’t dealing with two boys 24/7 anymore, they have had a lot of spare time, some of it used on shopping. I (Drew) am not the biggest fan of change, and a lot of change has occurred since I moved out. Whether it is buying a new couch when I was came home for summer, or buying me a new bed when I went for fall. But the icing on the cake has to be their decision to sell my car without telling me, only informing me that I no longer had a car, after I was back up in Gainesville.

But no matter how long we are away from home we know that we will always have a place to stay (unless our rooms get converted into a yoga studio).

Have fun empty nesting everyone.

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