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Empty Nesters Finally bought a juicer!! We are so healthy. Not sure exactly what I am going to make for Brad and me, but somebody was selling it a Costco, I stopped to listen, and was drawn in to what they were saying and so we are now the proud owners of a juicer.

Brad drinking juice, empty nesters finally, empty nest dads

Brad describes me as a marketer’s dream. Apparently, I am. Brad always had an inkling that this might be a flaw in my personality but he was willing to overlook it when the kids were home since I was able to blame most of the stuff on the kids. But since we have been empty nesters, I really can’t say the boys bought things on Amazon and shipped them home for me to store them. I tried, but it does not work.

One of my many resolutions once the boys went to school was to make my house clutter free. Never thinking that Brad would hold me to that resolution. But in fact , it is a horrible idea. The more I throw out the more "stuff" we seem to accumulate.

I honestly did make an effort not to buy things and to donate items but its not working so well. You should see my junk draw. I actually need a junk draw for my junk draw.

The thought of becoming clutter free is causing me stress and yes I know that if I become clutter free it will alleviate the stress. It’s like the chicken and the egg. Am I clutter free first or stress free?

I think I need a juice. I bet they have a juice for people that like clutter! And I will make one for Brad for because he loves someone that loves clutter.

But, first I have to read the juicer book I bought. One more thing to throw out in a few years.

Happy Empty Nesting!

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