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Don’t get me wrong, Brad always offers to pick things up at the store or go on an errand for me but we all know how that usually turns out. He buys everything on the list and then his own “special” purchases.

There was this time last week tho when I needed him to do something on the computer (he is my IT guy) and he actually did it when I asked (I was so happy) but he did it his way! What was that about? So of course we had a “discussion” where he said his way was better! I said, it doesn’t matter I want it my way. Which resulted in him telling me that I was not listening to him and why his way was the best. So since I did not want to get upset I left the room because at that point the discussion had morphed and we weren’t even fighting about our original issue. So I left but he followed me!

I was done with the conversation and said I can figure it out myself, which made him say that he would not even be involved, if I had not asked him to help! Needless to say he kind of apologized, but I was so confused that I had to ask him what exactly was he apologizing for? As every smart husband answers “I apologize for everything.” Because he knows, “A happy wife is a happy life.”

Which made us both start laughing which is always the best way to end a “discussion”. Laughing and ice cream.

Happy Empty Nesting!

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