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It’s finally beginning to kick in that there are only two of us in the house. I have been setting the table for dinner for three or four people for so long that that it has become a hard habit to break. Setting the table for two really hit me (us) hard.

As a matter of fact my older son had blown up a picture of my younger son for his graduation to show our support (and embarrass him). It was super funny


and everyone enjoyed the picture. But what were we to do with Giant Drew?

We had a brilliant idea. We would solve our sad dinner table with Giant Drew! We put the picture in his chair at our table so it would be like he was eating with us. It sounds silly but it was so hysterical that we kept the picture here all summer and everyone had many laughs with Giant Drew.

Once both boys went to school though in the Fall we had to adjust all over again. Ugh!!

It is slowly getting easier to sit at the kitchen table for the “two of us” but I still have not figured out the whole grocery thing. I am still buying for four people. I go to Costco and buy so much food a that the Food Banks laugh as they thank me when I come in with my donations.

As a side note, I tell you I am getting better but as I am writing this blog I have three loaves of bread on my counter that all go bad tomorrow and Brad refuses to eat them all.

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