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Our Top 5 Life Hacks

1. If you sign up for store emails (like me) so you can get coupons and deals but don't want your inbox filled store emails, create an email just for that!! I do and that makes my life easier because my personal and work email goes to one email and all the coupons and deals go to (password only known to me :))

2. AVOCADO HACK: Brad and I love avocados and any food with avocados in them. Only problem is we hate when they turn brown. Ugh!! But I found this easy way to keep the left over avocado looking delicious. Store an onion with it. Just like this.

I cut this yesterday morning. Enjoy!!

3. HURRICANE HACKS: So as we are preparing for Hurricane Irma tips/hacks are flying around. For important papers such as insurance policies are (flood, home, auto....) put in Ziploc bags so you have easy access to them and they won't be wet (like my under garments). You can also put papers in your dishwasher (washing machine), it will act like a safe. Also put extra cash in there too. Good luck to all.

4. IPHONE HACKS: When I help Brad during tax season, I use my IPHONE calculator and inevitably I type in a number incorrectly. It is so frustrating cause then I have to type it all over again. Til now. Ready? ... If you are typing in a long number and mess up on a digit you can just swipe left and the last number vanishes. OMG. This is the best. I am not sure where the number goes, maybe to China. But who cares? It's gone and I don't have to type the whole number again. Success. Credit goes to Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal.

5. FOOD HACKS: I am crazy about dates on any type of food. I have even been known to throw away food away a day before it expires. I know it is crazy but if they wrote the wrong date on the package?? You never know. It totally doesn't run in my family because my parents believe if you turn yogurt upside down (??!!) you can eat it a week after the sell by date.

So when I heard you can ignore the date on the egg carton

by testing the eggs. if the eggs sink you are good to go.

If the eggs float, don't eat them. Interesting ....

And a bonus hack: If you like butternut squash but hate to cut it. Microwave for 2 -3 minutes before you cut it. Even I can cut it but I give to Brad so he can cut for me more easily and feel empowered and I have him captured in the kitchen. That's my "How to Get your Significant Other in the Kitchen" Hack!!!!

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