OPEN TABLE and Empty Nesters Finally go hand in hand. This is a huge Life Hack for us and now our family and friends.

Brad will gladly take credit for all our friends using Open Table. Not sure it's true but I will give him this one. We use it on our phone , computer, IPAD .....

We have been using Open Table for 8 years and gotten many points which equals free meals or gift cards. Winner Winner.

If you are going out to eat you might as well get credit, right ??! It's a great way to rationalize eating out ......

Many times I can't eat at a restaurant if Brad can't get open table points. Fortunately, most restaurants are on Open Table so it is not a problem.

But there have been many times that Brad has made me stand outside a restaurant while he makes reservations for 5 minutes late on Open Table. LOL

We use Open Table at home and even traveling. We use it when it's just us or with family and friends all over the United States. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Unfortunately for Brad, he is not the only one of our family and/or friends that are onto the benefits of Open Table. Empty Nesters Finally has definitely Shared the Wealth with this Life Hack.(er) :).

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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