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As #quarantine continues and Empty Nesters FInally is constantly looking for different ideas for Chef Brad. Then we discovered @Goldbelly.

You ask what is Goldbelly??

Did Brad create a fish pond in our backyard?

Did Karen find a new part of a chicken to cook?

Is Goldbelly an old European delicacy?

The answer is NO to all of these above questions.

Goldbelly is a curated online marketplace for regional and artisanal foods crafted by local food purveyors throughout the United States. Those words are directly from the website. But please know it has become so much more than that for ENF during this pandemic.

Goldbelly has allowed Brad and I to travel to our favorite restaurants all over this country without leaving our house so we are #stayingsafe and eating well, very well.

Once, we even had an issue and had to contact customer service. They did an incredible job and solved our problem to our satisfaction and more.

Our first order was for New York Bagels. What else??. We love #essabagel from New York - who doesn't?

The order was delivered via UPS. The bagels and cream cheese was packaged so well. Much better than our care packages for Lane and Drew at school. LOL

Goldbelly has so many options on their website. Restaurants from all over the country. They even have Brad's favorite BBQ place in Austin. For those interested its @TerryBlacks_bbq.

Depending on the restaurant you can have it delivered for a special person's birthday (Hint) or holiday. Specials and Free shipping are offered for some restaurants and the prices are reasonable. This is fantastic.


Brad asks, "What are we doing this weekend?"

Karen says, "Same thing we have done every weekend since March 15."

Brad replies, " How about some Chicago pizza?"

I reply," I am in."

So we order, gets delivered Friday. Saturday date night is Pizza and a Movie.. Just like old times - empty nesters finally quarantine style. Chicago pizza from #mypizzachicago is delicious

So I guess we are traveling this summer :)

Try Goldbelly. It's worth it. Trust Empty Nesters Finally . As always we would never steer you wrong especially when it comes to food.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

*For the curious the movie was a double feature. Captain American and Justice League.

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