Empty Nesters Finally finally cut the chord during the pandemic. We have had "You Tube TV" for some time now but I was not fully vested until recently. And I would never recommend anything to you unless I was overly confident in our decision.

Full disclosure. We were part of the Direct TV cult for many years but then You Tube TV stole our heart.


First, I must confess that electronics and I don't necessarily get along (if you are a regular then you know this.)

Alexa and Brad are besties whereas sometimes Alexa does not even acknowledge me. The same with Siri, she answers every one of Brad's questions but with me she directs me to the app store. Really?!! It's like neither of them have the time for me.

But You Tube TV is different (she has a great sense of humor, just like me!) Without further ado here are the reasons we love You Tube TV ........


  1. It's the easiest streaming service to use. Trust me if I can figure it out anyone can. I know it was no easy task to teach me but kudos to Brad. After one lesson I knew how to get to my Hallmark Christmas movies. Tis the season.

  2. The price is right. For apx $65 a month (some channels are extra). I know it's crazy.That means that with all the money we are saving (apparently there is a money tree in the back yard) we get to buy more streaming services.

  3. Unlimited DVR. They say its cloud DVR. I know what the cloud is and I know what a DVR is so it's like putting two of your favorited things together like chocolate chip cookies and brownies.


4. Brad says it portable and can be watched anywhere anytime. We can watch YouTube TV on our phone, tablet or computer and stream and more!!

5. Tremendous channels and lots of sports: ESPN, FS1, FS2, NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV and Brad's favorite Red Zone (only$10 apparently this is a must).

6. Lots of people can watch. There are six accounts included with a YouTube TV membership. Each household can watch up to three streams at a time. Apparently that is a really good benefit. Who knew??

Overall, You Tube TV has enriched our life and we wanted to share the Wealth. This way we can all save money and buy more channels or chocolate chips to bake with. I would rather do the latter. :)

Happy Empty Nesting!!

VOTE. VOTE . VOTE. Your vote matters.

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