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Something new and exciting is coming to empty nesters finally. Every Sunday, I will post a you tube video and upload to our blog so that you my loyal reader will be feel like they can conquer the week (even Mondays). Quick and Funny. Even sports (sometimes)

Really important info to get you through the week. :) No grandstanding or preaching, I promise

We want you to have a great week. Enjoy.

Take away #1: Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching. If you are not a prime members (no judging here) you can sign up for a free 30 day membership and you will get access to Prime Day and early access to Lightning Deals. I even did some early shopping and put things in my cart. So if they go on sale, I am a head of it all. So do it!!

Take Away #2: Meatless Mondays. It really makes sense for the environment and our bodies. Don't tell Brad but next week tofu!!

Happy Empty Nesting!

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