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Crazy I know, but a paper cutter changed my life . When the kids were younger it was a life saver and still works for me today.

Parenting Tip: A paper cutter is a must when your kids are younger even if you are not a crafter and do not have a craft room. I am not sure if I would give one as a gift but it is definitely one of those items you probably would never ever think you need but you do (Lane and Sarah guess what you are getting :). Let me explain.

We (Lane) had to do a project that required lots of cutting of straight lines. In talking to a mother she (who shall remain nameless but who had older kids) said don't knock myself out "buy a paper cutter." It has made her life so much easier. Hmmm.

I was intrigued .....

We all know that I am a marketer's dream and will buy anything once and if it works out, yea for me and if not I have another item for a garage sale. Brad might disagree with this theory but it works.

Anyway, I jumped in and bought a paper cutter. I think I paid $19.99 at Office Depot back in the dinosaur age (1996 ?!!) when Lane was in second grade.

SUCCESS . It was put to use so many times over the years by Lane , Drew, myself and even Brad. It was the best school supply I ever bought for projects. It ranks up there with a black sharpie.

And as a bonus, presently, I use it to cut my coupons. It's making money for us now!!!!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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