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Sweeping is so 2017 for emptynestersfinally

I admit it. I love a clean floor. Brad said sweeping was one of my hobbies. It's not by the way, but I do admit I might have been a little obsessive about sweeping.

Brad felt it had gotten to the point where he needed to intervene. I fought it for months but then I visited my friends and they could not stop talking about "it" and how it has changed their life.

"It" was a Roomba. I couldn't imagine it would be a life changer. But it has. It goes from room to room acting like a broom and a dustpan all in one. It's incredible. I can't recommend this enough (and I am not making any commission).

Drew said its maps out our house so it knows where to go. Little scary - cause I already feel like Brad is stalking me! But it works so well, I don't care who is seeing how much dirt is on my floor!

The Roomba has freed up so much time in my day. You ask what will I do with all that extra time? I will blog of course.

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