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Brad and I have decided to be more fit now that we are Empty Nesters. Yea for us! I think.

We discussed in length how we would begin this process. Rather, I would discuss and Brad would nod. We both have always been physically active especially when the boys were young but as the boys got older and consequently, the older we got the more “other” things became a priority.

When the boys were young, Brad would play games of basketball with them without even breaking a sweat. Now it’s hard for him to make it through one game without calling for a halftime break. He wears protection on his knees, elbows, legs, feet… in case he “falls”.

He used to spot the boys points to make it close and maybe give them a chance to win, but now he barely makes it through a game and they have to spot him points. So, he decided to take matters in his own hands and has been working out with a personal trainer 2 times a week in order to keep up with the boys. Or so he thinks.

I played games like Frisbee or "hide and seek" with them when they were young. I was the non-competitive parent unless I was playing a board game then I did not care how old they were I was going to win. This year though, I hurt my shoulder in an exercise class and had to go to physical therapy. My therapist is also a personal trainer so I elected to tell my kids that I am going to personal training rather than physical therapy. It’s funny how we use the term personal training interchangeably with physical therapy now that we are older.

Since I am nowhere near the "quality basketball player” that Brad is, we have had to find other ways to exercise together. We take walks but I am not sure that can be considered exercise since we do a 25 minute mile and walk about a mile. I am pretty sure my 95 year old grandmother with her walker walks faster than us.

We ultimately decided on gardening as our joint exercise. We enjoy it and take pride in our garden. When we were younger though, I would have laughed if my mom said gardening was her exercise for the day. I never would have thought that “gardening” would qualify as exercise. But let me tell you we sure do sweat and it makes for a great workout. No matter what our boys say.


empty nesters gardening, Brad the gardner

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