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For most of us, quarantine rules have been relaxed to varying degrees. Therefore, I could not let this moment in our lives pass without sharing some more lessons empty nesters finally has learned:

Ice Cream has become a major food group at our house. During quarantine, ice cream can be eaten at any time of the day. No judging.

Empty Nester Brad deciding what ice cream to eat
Empty Nesters Finally and Ice Cream

We finally figured out what WFH means. Work From Home. But I am sure the rest of the world knew that . Even though it is a no brainer, apparently Brad and I were too busy eating ice cream to figure out. We now know. Kudos to us 10 weeks in. LOL

Exercise is key to staying sane during quarantine, whether it's a walk with Brad or using the Peleton for a ride or yoga. Brad and I are committed to daily exercise. We are not trying to lose weight obviously cause ice cream is a daily occurrence. So according to our Peleton group #iamicaniwillido.

We have too much stuff and 10 weeks into quarantine we still have too much stuff. Take away. Brad and I do not like to throw things away. The more we throw away, the more we seem to accumulate.

With all the craziness that is going on in the outside world I have never been more grateful for my health, family and friends. And ice cream of course.

Coffee is another major food group in our house. Brad and I could survive on a desert island with coffee, ice cream and of course Fritos.

The more we have been #stayinghome the more we realize how much touchup and updating we need to do in our house. We have rearranged our furniture so many times, I think its back to the same place as before quarantine.

Brad can hear me. Even though he says he can not hear me from another room. He can. I realized this when I told him his ice cream was ready. He came running. Selective hearing is alive and well during #quarantine

Meditating is key in our empty nest at least for me during quarantine. I told Brad some of my mantras so he could hopefully see the benefits of meditation. Now he just repeats mantras all day long to annoy me. Totally backfired on me.

Take away: I do not have to share everything with Brad. Even when he asks nicely.

I love to bake and eat what I bake. Sarah, my daughter-in-law, got me hooked on this blog The recipes are all delicious baked goods.

Empty Nesters Finally bakes blueberry muffins
Blueberry Muffins and Empty Nesters FInally

Empty Nester Brad eating homemade Blueberry muffins
Empty Nester Brad and the Blueberry Muffin

Also, since we have been cooking so much, we have tried many new recipes and realized that so many kitchen gadgets were necessary for us to continue creating new and exciting meals for us.

Rachel Ray Spoon that cradles the pot.
Rachel Ray Lazy Spoon

My first purchase was this Rachel Ray spoon.

It's ingenious.

I love it only wish I would have invented this spoon. Oh Well. At least it's in Karen's Kitchen now.

I also wish I would have invented the IPHONE. That obviously did not happen either.

Even though, most of the strictest #stayhome orders have lifted or modified, I am not sure when I feel comfortable venturing out into the "Wild West". Brad and I are "cautiously optimistic" that there will be a vaccine. But in the meantime #staysafe, drink coffee and eat ice cream. Brad says so.

Also once again thank you to all the medical professionals and essential workers out in the world protecting the rest of us.

Happy Empty Nesting and #staysafe

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27 maj 2020

Every afternoon around 3. If you want we can meet for a socially distance ice cream break. Miss u


26 maj 2020

Miss EmptyNester......By the looks of it u don’t look like u eat ice cream!!!!

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