It's that time of year again. My favorite time of the year. I love to give gifts. I am not Oprah Winfrey but I think I am a great gift giver.

Just ask Brad. LOL.

As an empty nester, I have definitely upped my game. Just ask Brad. I am sure he will be happy to tell you

In no particular order:

10. SPORTING EVENTS TICKETS. Sporting Game Tickets are a great gift for most. Buy 2 and it becomes an experience. Everyone loves it. And if they win, BOOM, win for all. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

9.NOTHING TO DO SUNDAY .No honey-do list for him. Just a day of his choosing. You might be surprised as to what they do or then again you may not. See picture to left.

8. Anything TECHNOLOGY oriented. A TV, an amazon fire stick, etc..... I give Brad a Best Buy flyer and he circles what he wants. No brainer. I am all about making my life easy.

7. VACATION OF HIS CHOICE. Anything goes unless it's a cruise. Enough said.

6. GIFT CARDS to stores where he loves to shop and most importantly a promise not to comment on anything he purchases.

5. No practical gifts. Gifts are not meant to be practical. Trust me. Brad and I have done practical (calendars and toaster ovens) and it always backfires. One of us ends up crying. Guess who?

4. Remote control Control. Not to be redundant but I have witnessed Brad falling asleep with the remote. I think he is scared I will hide or do something worse.

*For the record, he should be scared. Early on (very early on) in our marriage, I changed the sheets and did not realize the remote was there. Washed everything. Remote never worked again. Now he sleeps with the remote. Lesson learned.

3. Hobby gift. For Brad it's his collection of Starbuck mugs. Brad collects Starbucks mugs from every city we visit. He uses me as an excuse by telling himself and others (me included) that Starbuck are the only places with clean bathrooms. I guess it could be worse. So I indulge him.

2. EXPERIENCES. Experiences make our life worth living as empty nesters. We love to share our time together no matter what we are doing even watching our grand dog Rio. Experiences make our lives well lived.

1. SAUNA. Sometimes you have to go big. When it's a gift for a big celebration (Brad's 60th) I have to think way out of ENF comfort zone. Brad always wanted a sauna but I fought him hard. He wore me down. To be fair though, I did not think I would use but I have ended up loving it. Bought on Amazon. So easy. What did I tell you about me and simple.

Hope this gift buying guide helps you this year and remember gifts don't have to cost a lot of money. If you ask Brad he (like most) will tell you his best presents are the ones that he gets to share with me and the kids. Awwww.

Happy Empty Nesting!!



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