Do you go back to see if put your garage door down?

An empty nester (Karen) sometimes possibly might

leave the house and say "Ugh" (to herself of course) did I shut the garage door?

I am hoping others do too. Please don't let me be the only one.

After many years, I was finally resolved to always having to go back and check (or some other crazy trick) but then one day this happened....

There was a vicious storm in our area and as a result our garage door motor broke. Brad was like "WTF!!!." But, I just assumed "Brad the Builder" was also "Brad the Fixer" and could repair it. He was not and could not.

So we had to get a new garage door motor and it came with a phone app!!!

So now I can be at yoga or anywhere in the world and check to see if the garage door is down and if not I can close it from the app. Life changer. Game Changer. Just an overall big changer.

Technology is really incredible. And I am just not beginning to really appreciate all it has to offer.

I can't recommend you break your garage door motor but if it does ...

BTW I am not being paid any promotional endorsement fees. Brad only wishes. LOL

(LiftMaster are you reading this??)

Happy Empty Nesting!

Be on the lookout for 9 more LIFE HACKS

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