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A wise woman once told me that I have choices, but I need to make good ones. I try to live by this golden rule, but I might not have always taken this into consideration.

Having said that, when the boys were young, I might have told some little white lies to push the boys (and Brad) to make good decisions.

For years, the boys might have been led to think McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's was closed on Sundays. This worked for a while til Drew and I came home from a birthday party one Sunday to find Brad and Lane sitting in front of the TV watching football and eating Big Macs. Lane explained to me that during football season fast food restaurants have to stay open cause no one has time to cook. :) Brad worked his magic to his advantage, obviously.

And one little white lie I have really come to regret was that to get the kids to eat fish I told them it was chicken. It was going so well till it wasn't. I made a big mistake (criminals always do). They found the container saying tilapia in garbage. Ugh!!

But to my credit, when it came to their clothes and/or accessory selections, I never steered them any (my) way. It was up to them to make those decisions. Those that know Drew, will remember for one whole year (when he was 8 years old) he wore 2 different socks and 2 different shoes.

He also took liberties when I told him to put on glasses to protect his eyes. Goggles count don't they? I learned to pick my fights very carefully.

Unfortunately, since the boys have left the nest, I still have the need to help Brad make good selections. I want Brad to live forever (or at least as long as me.)

Happy Empty Nesting!!

Brad will tell you he always tries to make the best choice - no matter what.

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