I am not David Letterman but here are the top 10 for why being an emptynestersfinally rocks.

*Disclaimer 1: We loved parenting Lane and Drew and would never ever change that up but they grew up and out of the house so it forced us to grow up too ........

Disclaimer 2: Some of these were previously published on Facebook in 2015. But emptynestersfinally did not have many friends then so we are good

Number 10: Once they moved out we were able to redecorate their rooms. Lane's is now our exercise room and we are planning on making Drew's room a craft room ...

Number 9: We have control over TIVO. All the shows taped are ours. I go to list and I don't see 5 SportsCenters.

Number 8: We can make noise before noon on the weekends. I get to juice at 8 a.m.! Not sure Brad would vote for this but he is not writing

Number 7: We can still embarrass our kids even though they do not live here.

We are getting really good at this social media thing.

Number 6: Our vacation is not tied to the school calendar. See picture. Halloween in Vegas. We used to think vacations were only in June, July or August. Who knew?

Number 5: When we travel we do not have to worry about trading carpool days or babysitters or anything. We are empty nesters!

Number 4: The time we spend with Lane Sarah and Drew means so much. We treasure our time as a family as we never could have imagined.

Number 3: I get to write a blog about my crazy life with Brad. Nothing more needs to be said.

Number 2: Brad and I can have cereal for dinner. Nothing else. That's it. And if decide we are not hungry then Karen's Kitchen does not open.

Number 1: We love our kids. We are truly humbled by the people they have become and how they lead their lives. And sometimes Brad and I might shed a tear or two to know that we might have had a little something to do with who they are now.

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