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Tax season has officially started and "Work Brad" is nothing like "Husband Brad". He would still appear to all of you the same kind, thoughtful, considerate (nauseous yet?) person to you but the change has occurred. It happens every year around January 15 and then magically disappears April 16. Unfortunately or fortunately (depends on who you are) you get 2 extra days to file this year, since April 15 is a Saturday, Yahoo!!!

Yet, every year I am surprised like I never knew it was coming. Maybe I should tell Google's Alexa to remind me on January 14 that January 15 is next day.

For example, our morning routine has been drastically altered. I normally get up first and bring him coffee at 7:13 ( his request - his birthday). Now he gets up with me and starts to metamorphosis into Work Brad and I don't get any brownie points for bringing him coffee!!

In prior years, I have helped Brad at home doing administrative items. This year he announced that he would like me to join him in his office 2-3 days a week. I think he is tired of all my emails and texts and I thought I was being efficient. Apparently, he did not.

I was skeptical at first mostly because we would be breathing the same air and he would really know how long it takes me to complete a task for him (hint - it doesn't take me 2 hours to type a letter) and that I break for a snack every hour.

I am happy to announce so far so good. He keeps treats in a drawer for me and he even pays for my lunch. I am counting the days til April 17 . Only 50 more!!

Happy Empty Nesting!

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