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May Drawing

A subscriber had emailed me and asked me if I stopped doing the monthly drawings. I have not but they were not facebook friends with either me or Brad or emptynestersfinally so they had no idea.

That was my bad. I did not realize that by not posting to my blog directly I was leaving subscribers behind and my motto is NO SUBSCRIBER IS LEFT BEHIND. Especially since you all are the ones in the drawing. I do a facebook live video of the drawing and post on Brad Hacker or Karen Hacker page as well as emptynestersfinally.

So do not want to keep you guys guessing any longer ...

The winner of $25 DSW or Finish Line gift card was

I am can't upload video to blog but go on any of the facebook videos to see the video in its entirety.

Thank you again for subscribing.

Happy Empty Nesting.

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