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SUCCESS! We woke up at 5:30 for the garage sale, put out our stuff and we sold and sold and sold. Then it got hot and we got hungry so we gave our "left-over" stuff to our garage sale neighbor. Success again! Nothing came home.

We said we never do it again and our friends (you know who you are ) bailed on us but "failure was not an option". I know it was only a garage sale but to us it was much more. We had so much stuff in our home both literally and figuratively and I figured it was time to do something about. I know I have mentioned this in the past but guess what I am still tidying up. Brad said he would take responsibility as every good husband does ...

Anyway, I had made up my mind that this time was going to be different. Once these things were out of the house no "new" things would be allowed back in. Brad was not as positive as me. Brad said, "Been there done that." No good husband award for that comment.

Since the boys have left the "nest" we have been holding on to lots of things that were just taking up space. Of course we would never sell anything that was important to the boys or would we? We had so many games and Arthur puzzles and disney characters that boys loved to play with when they were younger but now not so much. It was time to finally let go for so many reasons.

We (I) knew this was important because I (we) did not want the boys to have to "clean" our house or deal with any thing later in life. We kept telling us it was for them and we would do anything for our kids, right??

After we sold/donated/threw out we definitely felt lighter and not because of our wedding diet. (That's a whole other blog.) And I definitely knew the boys did not want any of these things since I sent pictures of most everything before I sold them. I did not want anyone to say you sold my whatever and now its worth millions. Like when my sister painted the faces of all my barbie dolls pink. I could be a billionaire now.

Letting go of anything is hard, the boys, toys and their childhood (not to be too sentimental) but when you do, you are know you are ready for the next chapter of your life and many more experiences and maybe even some more stuff!

So Brad and I are officially ready - for what I don't know but we are ready ..

Happy Empty Nesting!!

PS If you guess what movie the quote in the blog is from - you get an extra entry!! Email me

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