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I know I am late for making resolutions but it is still January. And I read an article where Will Smith said we should be making changes for the better all year (I am paraphasing) and not just in January. So if the Fresh Prince says I can then I will and more importantly (sorry Will) Brad says I can do whatever I want cause as we all know a happy wife is a happy life.

Between reading Will Smith's article and Gretchen Rubin's Podcast (yes boys, I know how to download and listen to a podcast), I began thinking how to incorporate more happiness and positivity into my life. Gretchen Rubin's podcast, the Happier Podcast was about how to incorporate positive changes into our daily lives so that they are not a big deal and we just do them. I liked that. It reminded me of the Nike slogan "Just Do It".

So that's when I decided that I was going to make a resolution every month to make our lives better for Brad (and me). He (we) only have to keep the resolution for a month (small steps) unless it becomes a part of his (our) life. Fingers crossed.

For example, I am hoping Brad begins flossing (to his credit he does floss - the night before he goes to the dentist.) I nag him to do this (and I never nag) but I know how important this is to his health. And so easy. He (I) thought this would be a good change for the better for February.

I have a different task. My resolution is that I will not buy any clothes this month and hopefully all year. I know I have made this one before but I decided to try again. I also know I have a wedding in July but I already have my dress. There is one caveat, if someone buys me a present then it does not count😜. Hint- Brad Valentine's Day is February 14.

I would ask for suggestions for our other monthly 2017 resolutions but that thought scares me. Our friends know us too well.

I am hoping I have inspired at least one person to make a change for the better to incorporate into their daily lives so that it becomes so routine it doesn't seem like a resolution just their life.

Lane and Drew maybe you will try flossing too. It's a challenge from me. If you do though I can't buy you a present cause then I would break my change for the better, but Dad can.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

Also, wanted to congratulate for winning January's drawing. Anyone that subscribes by February 14 will be entered in February's drawing. Thanks and Good luck.

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