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Brad loves to play basketball. When he is on the court, he thinks he is 6'5" and a jump shooting machine. I have never ever told him otherwise. Mostly because I love my Sunday mornings to myself and I was not going to burst his basketball fantasy bubble. I will leave that to others (Lane or Drew).

Since we have become emptynesters and have more free time on the weekends both Brad and I have started to do more exercise especially on the weekends. So every Sunday, Brad happily wakes up at 6:45 to go play ball.

For the record, during the week, Brad is not an early riser. He usually hits the snooze no less than 5 times but Sunday is different. Sunday is all about hoops.

He will tell anyone that listens that he levitates out of bed on Sunday so as not to wake me. I will tell everyone, there is no levitation going on. I hear everything. And even though I am up I tend to pretend to be sleeping so that we don't have any sort of "conversation".

Brad usually plays for about 2 -3 hours and you have no idea how much I can do or not do in that time. If there is the slightlest chance of rain a slight panic begins in both of us. We both will check the weather app on our phones numerous times on Saturday to confirm that he will get to show the other guys his "talents."

One morning around 8:00 just as I was making my 2nd cup of coffee I hear the garage door going up. I quickly check the weather but it was beautiful day. I meet him at the door and ask what's going on. Did they kick him out? Did he play really bad and they told him to take a break for the day? Did his shoelaces break? But then he showed me his fingers. He jammed them. I got out tape so that he could go back and play but he told me he was not mentally prepared to go back? WTF?!

He then asked me to please put some fruit for him on plate cause he was hungry and he could not use silverware right now. I sarcastically asked if he wanted me to feed him too. He noticed the sarcasm oozing from me and told me that I had promised to always take care of him. Ugh!!

When we took our vows I did not realize in sickness or in health meant a jammed finger for pretending to be Dwyane Wade!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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